George Madden

With an expertise in ministering to people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds through the Chaplaincy Ministry, George has been involved in full-time ministry for over 37 years. His philosophy is to listen and encourage interfaith dialogue and interaction as a means of two-way communication.

His first opportunity as a Chaplain was with Hockey Ministries International for the Melfort Mustangs hockey club while also pastoring in that city. He later mentored players and coaches from the Saskatchewan Roughriders while pastoring in Regina. George is currently the K-Division Chaplain Coordinator for the RCMP operating out of the Airdrie detachment and operates as the lead chaplain at YYC.

At Gateway Interfaith Services we have some amazing chaplains that provide a listening ear and genuine care for YYC employees and travellers. Feel free to drop by and pick up some of our free great reading material that will inspire you in life or just pop by to meet one of our chaplains for a visit or coffee in the food court right beside the chapel.

Elaine Cameron immigrated to Canada from Jamaica in 1968.   Following High School graduation in Toronto, Elaine continued her education at Centennial College and George Brown College and completed her learning in Early Childhood Education. 


After moving to Calgary - Elaine attended Alberta Bible College and graduated with a  diploma in Leadership and a Degree in Ministry. 


Elaine took a course at Holy Cross Hospital in “listening” and has been a devoted chaplain since.   Elaine loves to serve and help people is whatever way she can.   

Elaine Cameron

Heading 5
Paul Caouette

Paul comes from the peace country in Northern Alberta, got married and moved to Calgary in the mid 80‘s. He is a devoted husband and father of four awesome grown children. 


Paul has been in involved in various ministries for over 35 yrs. Counselling, coaching, mentoring and teaching. Presently he spends time working with M2W2 and COSA which involves helping individuals who are or have been incarcerated and are looking for someone to share with and offer support to reintegrate with society.


He attended North West Bible College, Acts and The Vineyard School of Ministry in Lancaster California. His evangelistic bent has taken him to many places in the world providing opportunities to share his talent as an actor by participating in dramas. 


The reason he joined the YYC program is his passion for people and their stories. He has an uncanny way of putting people at ease, offering a listening ear. He has an open-door policy, that embraces diversity, loves to pray with people and share his faith.  

Dau Dau has been in Canada for about 14 years,Immigrating from the Sudan. He has been a chaplain at the Airport for 4 years. Dau is a constant learner and continues to develop in ways that better equip him to be a better father and husband.He loves people and is always willing to extend a helping hand. He especially enjoys working with people who are new to Canada.He has a strong commitment to helping others learn the English language,make adjustments and settle into their new communities. You will find Dau as a warm and friendly individual who is very approachable.

Dau Dau

Bob Dunn

Dionicio (Dionie) Dumayag

Dionie, Associate Pastor and Healing and Deliverance Minister of The Way Christian Mission Fellowship    for five years, now.

Dionie’s first book entitled “Today’s Miracles” soon for publication contains his God-given Testimonies as an ordinary Christian and a Minister of the Gospel for 32-years of serving God, including Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii.

Addition to his Pulpit Ministry , and both Care Group and Prayer Intercession Ministry Coordinators at his Church, Dionie conducts  4-Senior Homes Church Service Outreaches,  every Friday for four years now. The most recent ones are the Chaplaincy at YYC and Religious Community Visitor, AHS Calgary Hospitals. 

Pastor  Ryan was born and raised in the Philippines.He came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ when he was in university where he served in the music ministry.He is currently serving as the associate pastor of Christ Corridor church in Calgary and is currently taking theological courses in college.

Ryan a husband and father to two girls, is passionate about inspiring people to develop authentic relationship to see them grow and reach their full potential.He is glad to be a part of the chapel services here at YYC.

    Ryan Urbiztondo

Kathy Gauthier

Kathy was born and raised in Finland. She married the love of her life, Victor, in 2000. Her faith journey started in 1998 when she realized that she wanted to be involved helping people in times of their need. Kathy took many courses in pastoral care and every course helped confirm that she had found her calling.  Being involved with children, adults and elderly, Kathy has been humbled and touched by how people have dealt with life’s difficulties and allowed her to be part of their journey. 

With previous experience volunteering at the YYC chapel, Kathy has always felt there was a need for somebody to listen to people’s stories and show emotional support. She is excited to again be involved in this amazing ministry and hopes that people will find calm and spiritual strength to go forward from with support of our services.

"It does not matter what our gender, age, race  or belief is, we all sometimes need a support and a shoulder to lean on." 

Pastor Greg Francisco is a retired Elementary Public School Principal from the Philippines.While he was principal he studied at Evangelical Leadership Institute Asia and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Christian Ministry. Greg Francisco immigrated to Canada in 2014, he is a devoted husband and a father of four awesome grown children. At present, he is an Evangelism Pastor at House of Prayer Alliance Church. 

The reason why he joined the Interfaith Services Chapel at YYC is because of his passion to share with people and his willingness to always extend a helping hand. He hopes to inspire people of all generations by introducing Christ and encouraging them to put their trust in Him alone for salvation.

    Gregorio Francisco

Phil Jones

Phil is sixty-eight and has been married to Steph for forty-six years. They have four children and seven grandchildren to date!


Phil is a visionary father and has over forty years experience in teaching, preaching, pastoring, counseling, mentorship, and communications, which has taken him all over the world ministering in a variety of unique situations, eg, United Nations, Hollywood, G8, Institute for Global Affairs and Global Gates to name a few.


He has a passion to inspire people from all walks of life, to develop authentic relationships, becoming trusted friends, and to see them reach their full potential and destiny.

Phil has a great breadth of life experience to draw from and is very approachable and easy to talk to.

Shibu & Claudia Lawrence

Shibu and Claudia serve in the community and churches extensively with families in various needs including advocating, self-advocacies and providing resources.


Apart from spending time at YYC they are passionate about helping families through their business and also serve at Samaritans Purse Canada.  As a team they believe they can provide knowledge and resources to make a difference in people’s lives.  

Shibu and Claudia serve in the community and churches extensively with families in various needs including advocating, self-advocacies and providing resources.


Apart from spending time at YYC they are passionate about helping families through their business and also serve at Samaritans Purse Canada.  As a team they believe they can provide knowledge and resources to make a difference in people’s lives.  

"Stirling is currently a theology student at Ambrose University, who is passionate about seeking God especially in the busyness of life. His pursuit of God stems from his own call to ministry, which has not only brought him here, to Gateway Interfaith Services, but also to ministry with young adults, youth, and children at Southwood United Church in Southwest Calgary. Understanding today’s constant demands on our time, Stirling hopes to help those he ministers to, to find the quiet peace throughout the day that God offers to each and everyone of us to minister to our souls."

Stirling McKay

Morgan is a born and raised Calgarian. He currently serves as the head deacon in his Church,The Way Christian Fellowship. He has served faithfully in many different ministries for the last ten years and has a heart to help people. He is honoured to be a part of the chaplains team at Gateway Interfaith Services and looks forward to serving the many travellers that pass through Calgary International Airport.

     Morgan O'Leary

Dr. Andrew Oribhabor

Andrew Oribhabor was born in the city of Sapele town in Midwestern Nigeria into a Catholic Family. He attended the Immaculate Conception College in Benin City for his middle and high school, and went further to study medicine at the University of Benin. He became a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Both Nigeria and Kuwait. Andrew has been in Christian leadership for over 25 years. First as an administrator of the Chapel of Grace of the University of Maiduguri in Nigeria, then as an associate Chaplain in the same University Chapel. He left Nigeria for Kuwait where, together with his professional duties as an OBGYN, he was a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). He received a challenge by the Lord that compelled him to resign his job in Kuwait and give his entire time to the work of the Ministry. Andrew moved to Calgary and is currently the Senior Pastor of the Ark of Christ Victory Church in Calgary. Andrew is married to Lilian, a Veterinarian, and they are blessed with four Children; Daniel, David, Divine and Dawn.

Sylvester Oyibocha migrated to Canada from the United Kingdom in June 2011. He is currently a Senior Marketing Director with World Financial Group, a leading independent financial brokerage firm.


Sylvester graduated with honors from the University in 1992 with a Degree in Business Administration. He also has a Masters (MBA) in Business Administration and majored in Finance.


Silvester likes to volunteer in various charitable organizations. He has served in various capacities at Rotary International - (one of the biggest charitable foundations in the world) as President, Vice President, Secretary in his local club. 


Sylvester currently serves and worships at the Calgary Community of Faith. Calgary.  He is married to his friend, confidant, and best critic Rita, and the union is blessed with four wonderful children. 

Sylvester Oyibocha

Dave Wong

Dave and his family settled in Calgary in 1987 where all their children were born and raised. 

As a lifetime member of the Lutheran Church, Dave has served in leadership roles within the church and community.  Daves passion to serve is reflected in over a decade of volunteering with CBE - both in public and secondary schools

Dave has spent the last 14 years as a pastoral caregiver with the Lutheran Hospital  Ministry at hospitals in Calgary.   Dave is a member of the local Christian Pastoral Caregivers Association. 

Phepafatso Tsae affectionately known as Phepa(Peppa) was born and raised in Botswana.She moved to Canada in 2005 for educational purposes.She currently holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Carleton University. Phepa recently moved from Ottawa to Calgary to join her husband Ibrahim.

She has served in various ministries for many years and is heavily involved in the Young Adults ministry through her church Transforming Life Centre.She is passionate about helping youth and young adults and loves listening and caring for people.She is a person with vibrant faith that enjoys sharing her faith and testimony. She believes through prayer,the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit any life can be changed for the better.

Phepa Tsae
Dr. Harriet Amani

Dr. Harriet Amani has been in ministry for more than 15 years in various capacities.She currently serves as the Director of Missions for Transforming Life Centre International and the branch Pastor at Transforming Life Centre,Kings Palace in Calgary.Harriet graduated from Tyndall College and Seminary with a Masters degree in Theological studies and a doctorate in Theological studies from North Carolina College of Theology,USA. She has helped plant over 20 churches in Canada,USA and Africa. Harriet has a heart for people and enjoys meeting new people from different cultures.Her desire is to provide Spiritual support to people from all nations that request help when passing through the chapel at the International Airport.

Travelling can sometimes add some unwanted stress as you try to make connections and get to places your not familiar with. Take some time to relax and spend some quiet time by visiting the chapel at YYC.We have some great material for you to take along to read as you travel. Its also a great place to refresh,refuel and rejuvenate before your off to your next destination.

Loan came from a Buddhist background and came to Canada at a young age where she came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.At the time she was searching for a lot of answers in life and starting reading the bible.She discovered that this was the truth she was searching for all her life.She instantly fell in love with the Lord and dedicated herself to God"s work.She currently serves in her church preaching and leading worship and is also involved in ministry at the AHS Calgary Hospital.

Loan Vo

Dave came from a Hindu background and was searching in his life for who the real God was? Before he ever knew anything about Jesus Christ he heard a voice that he said was the softest and sweetest voice he had ever heard in his entire life. He said Jesus completely changed my life and healed me from allergic bronchitis.Dave came to Canada on a bible college scholarship and ended up marrying a Canadian wife and they have two wonderful boys. He is currently senior pastor at All Nations Church in Calgary, Alberrta.

Dave Kumar Muniswamy

Rev, Susan Fae Hagland is an active Calgarian,she is an advocate for the health and wellbeing of senior citizens. She is also a volunteer with "Airport Therapy Dogs","Pre-board Pals" a rewarding ministry that decreases the anxiety and stress of travellers at the airport.

She is an active listener that enjoys to take the time for those to open up and share their stories. She is always available to be a listening ear that can provide encouragement and hope for those around her.Susan-Fae has the honour of being a wedding officiant and a support for families to come together and plan a special occasion and ceremony. She is available to perform weddings and assist couples with any questions they may have in planning their special day.

Susan-Fae Haglund

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